Custom Reclaimed Designs

Furniture with Character

Each piece of our custom made furniture has character – that’s why we only use reclaimed lumber from Colorado. We realize the term “reclaimed wood” gets thrown around a lot and that some companies go to great lengths to distress their new wood to look old. That’s not the case at Story Barns. Each piece of wood has a story and is 100% recycled. We pride ourselves on being quality craftsmen vs. mass producing pieces.

We use predominately old barn wood and reclaimed lumber (most over a hundred years old). We think the character of the wood is something to be cherished and kept intact. We sand and finish each piece by hand, which lets the imperfections and scars of the lumber’s long history shine. All of our furniture is made by hand right here in Greeley, Colorado and you’ll find no two pieces are alike.

Story Barns offers commercial and residential installation. Call today to get started!

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