About Story Barns

Handcrafted Wood Designs

Authentic, Affordable Custom Reclaimed Wood Design – Handcrafted in Greeley, Colorado

Story Barns, LLC is a family-owned Colorado company that specializes in affordable, custom reclaimed wood design, barn wood furniture and reclaimed lumber sales. By utilizing the wood and materials from unwanted barns and structures, we are preserving a piece of Colorado history, which subsequently results in minimal waste.

Our team of craftsmen all share a common passion for preserving and reclaiming barn wood and materials – whether the reclaimed wood originated in a Colorado farmhouse, an antiquated lumber mill, an old barn, or an old rail car, your vintage wood product will be 100 percent recycled and eco-friendly.

The name “Story Barns” comes from the profound meaning we find in our trade. Within every historical wood structure lies a unique story. We preserve not only the wood itself but the heritage behind it so that the story can live on for generations to come.

storybarns-team - reclaimed wood craftsmen
Jason, David, Ryan, Bear & Charlie

Our Belief

We believe that the history of old barns and structures should continue with a new life and a new legacy. While others may look at a nineteenth or twentieth century barn and see junk, we see a story – a horse gnawing on the railing, animals stepping on planks, years of wind shaping its surface. The wood we work with possesses the raw character that can only be created from time, and our craftsmen transform these materials into priceless American legacy treasures.

“...these structures are intrinsic to our American heritage and the Story Barns team feels it their responsibility to save as many of these storied buildings as possible, not only to keep the materials out of landfills, but also to ensure that their stories are preserved as well.”

Why Refurbished Wood?

The value of refurbished wood creations goes beyond their charming rustic design and deeply rooted sentimental meaning. There are numerous benefits that come from manipulating reclaimed wood into vintage decorations and functional furniture pieces. These materials are more abundant and thus more cost effective than freshly ordered lumber, and their prolonged exposure to extreme weather elements make them more resilient and refined. Furthermore, repurposed lumber helps decrease air pollution and keeps it out of landfills, making our wood creations environmentally friendly as well.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Products

When revamping old wood from barns, snow fences, coal mines, warehouses, railroad freight cars, etc., our craftsmen follow a highly specialized process to ensure maximum satisfaction. Each product is a masterpiece that is customized to the customer’s vision with unique colors, blending, coating, texture, character and overall design. We recognize the beauty, distinctiveness and durability of refurbished wood products, and we know just how much of an impact they can have on the design and character of your home or business.

Here are just a few of the products we can make from refurbished, reclaimed timber:

• Benches
• Coffee tables
• Dining tables
• Bars
• Custom countertops
• Doors/sliding barn doors
• Floors
• Headboards
• Staircases
• TV stands/consoles
• Wood accent walls & ceilings
• Wine racks
• Mantels and beams